News, Gigs, etc

Third time going up to Montreal! Last time we went to Montreal we didn't have our drummer, now we do, come party. We will be playing with Gazm, Crawler, Towanda and Todd Sesh and Power Sesh. This also means we will have the third tape of the musical series "Fuck MTL" available for purchase. "Fuck MTL" features 40 live tracks from shows at The Spring Vacation House, D-Beatstro and Hammer City Records. Poster by Sash.

Also haven't been keeping up to date very much on the Blogspot but we got a new cassingle and were working on a new album, hopefully out within the next couple of months.

The only other gig we have coming up is in May with Hank Wood and the Hammerheads at Soybomb.


New Gigs


We got two things lined up for the next bit.
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2015! S.H.I.T.MAS @ The Coalition
SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2016! 2016 Makes Me Sick @ Hammer City Records
Come have fun!

Know What I'm Sayin'? & The Boys & Mollot Split Cas.

Two new releases available for your listenin' and downloadin' pleasure on bandcamp. Enjoy!


New Releases & The Big Gig in Montreal

On November 21st The Boys are back in town. We are happy to be playing Montreal again for the first time since our first show. should be a banger. Since the whole crew is goin' up so we decided that this would be a good time to write some new jammers and put out some new material. This show will be the release of our new self titled tape EP, The Boys / Mollot split cassette and of course we will be doing another edition of our "Fuck MTL" series under the name Fuck MTL vol. 2 : Party Mix, which will be a very limited run of our live set for our boy Noah's birthday party at the one and only Spring Vacation House. All new releases recorded at the Spring Vacation House by Noah. Digital releases coming soon.

Poster art by Sebastian Elbourne


News / Upcoming Gig

We're playing that Toronto music fest Not Dead Yet this Friday! We will have shirts with the promo tape cover printed on it.
We've got a movie on the way, big shout out to Scott Jenner and Murder City Video.
We got plans to go back to Montreal in mid November.
We got plans for a bunch of new tapes and with bunch of new songs.
We got plans. Stay tuned.

Promo Tape - The Big Pickup b/w Victoria Parks

Here we go bud! New(ish) tapes of old(ish) recordings we did to promo our next (big) ting. These are from the same session we did for Cowborg which featured our song Real Rockers. 2 songs, 30 copies (ish/I think).


You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore

"One great rock show can change the world"
Feel the fire Saturday night at our favorite spot with local real rockers : Dilettantes, Winter '94 and The Brain. Doors at 8pm, don't be late to the party.
Flyer by Sienna Ingham.